Direct Selling Doctor – Mp3 Bundle 1-10

“Now is Your Chance to Get the Insider Scoop From Karen Phelps, the Leading Authority in Direct Selling and her Expert Guests…

So YOU Too Can Have The Secret Formula For Building a Thriving Direct Selling Business and Live the Life of Your Dreams!”

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** You will Receive access to mp3 files, not actual CDs! **
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For A Limited Time the vault to the Direct Selling Doctor Archives has been opened!

vault Karen Phelps is an Author, Professional Speaker and Success Coach whose mission is to help others achieve more in their business and life. She is also an avid reader and has interviewed many authors about life, business, wealth, health and wellness! EACH MONTH for the last 5 years Karen Phelps has Recorded these very special interviews!What if you now had access to these interviews guaranteed to help You improve your personal life and business skills?What if you also had access to some of Karen’s very special recordings using her own experiences as an entrepreneur? If you learn one new idea that generates $100 in new revenue for you, you’ve re-couped your small investment. 

After listening to some of these audios we have decided we can’t keep them locked away forever, they’ve got to be shared with direct sellers around the world. We have gone back to the Direct Selling Doctor Archives and have decided to release the first 10 of these Audio MP3s so you can download them and keep in your personal library forever!

The Vault Closes Soon!

Now For only $97 you can invest in DSD 1-10. Karen Phelps and special expert guests will cover topics that are essential to your business and personal success.
Total Retail Value of these MP3s is $497

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You Will Get access to the following 10 mp3’s

  • DSD # 01 Marketing Yourself & Your Product
    Are you constantly struggling with making sure everyone knows about YOU when they hear your product name? You’ll love the simple tips that will make a BIG impact on how you position yourself and your business every time you meet someone new! Priceless information you need to implement immediately!
  • DSD # 02 Interview – Improve Your Relationship with Money
    Discover how to track and manage money so you can be truly “financially independent” Learn how to make money, keep it and make it grow from a leading financial expert! It’s time to stop talking about money and make it work for you.
  • DSD # 03 Interview – Secrets to Savvy Networking
    If you can’t get results from your networking you might as well stay home. Learn from one of America’s Leading Authorities in Networking as she shares insights on how to turn your networking events into real business opportunities. A not to be missed interview for serious savvy networkers that teaches you the ins and outs of listening and connecting to others.
  • DSD # 04 Getting Recruits Off to Good Start
    Have you ever signed a recruit and then wondered if she was EVER going to get going in the business? If you have then you will definitely want to hear how Karen helped her new consultants go from Zero to Hero in their first 30 -60 days in the business.
  • DSD # 05 Surviving in Any Economy
    Are you constantly blaming the economy for your lackluster business? Do your ever wonder why some consultant’s business’s survive and THRIVE while others wither and die? Karen’s business survived many recessions and she shares some easy tips to keep on track during down times.
  • DSD # 06 Jump Into January
    Getting off to a good start at the first of the year is crucial for your direct selling business, especially if you are trying to earn contests and or promotions. Karen will share the insider scoop on how she booked and held an average of 12 – 20 parties every January.
  • DSD # 07 Sales, Bookings & Interview Questions Answered
    On rare occasions Karen allows members to dial in and ask her as question. Listen in as Karen answers Members questions on booking, increasing sales and getting new recruits signed at Interviews.
  • DSD # 08 Sponsoring in a Soft Economy
    How many times have you thought to yourself, “there’s got to be an easier way to get people signed up? Everyone is saying they can’t join because they don’t have the money!” No worries, we’ve got you covered. Since Karen spent 25 years actively recruiting NO MATTER WHAT, she shares what can work and how to handle the money excuse!
  • DSD # 09 Interview – Rethink your Life
    Have you ever started “re-thinking your life” and wondered how you got to where you are and if you are happy with the direction you are going? This amazing interview with one of America’s leading authors will share how easy it is to review your life, change your beliefs and behaviors to get back on track! Positive attitude without positive faith will absolutely lead to Positive Failure!
  • DSD # 10 Interview – Happy for no Reason
    Are you ready to begin to live a more joyful and empowered life? Are you ready to be “Happy for NO Reason?” If so you’ll love this interview with America’s Happiness Expert who will help you learn to appreciate what you have so you can celebrate and enjoy life!

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  • I understand for that this low investment I’ll enjoy my Mp3’s and I’ll learn marketing and success topics designed to grow my business—and income. Don’t miss These recordings — get started now.