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**This is an online Video Course. All the content will be accessed in the DSD (Direct Selling Doctor) members area.**

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“How Much Income Will YOU LOSE if You Don’t Keep a Full Calendar This Fall?”

It’s that time of the year again! It’s time for apple cider and donuts, hayrides, cool nights and landscapes filled with beautiful colors in the changing leaves! It’s also time to get busy and make some serious money with your direct selling business!

Did you know that some consultants sell and earn more in the last third of the year than they did the previous eight months?

It’s true! While many consultants dabble in their business most of the year they often kick it into high gear in order to earn the additional income needed to cover holiday expenses.
Are you facing the challenge of getting the momentum going again after coming to a screeching halt or slowing down during the summer months in your business? Don’t worry, you can and will get your business back on track, have higher party sales and more spendable income for those looming holiday debts that are right around the corner when you join me for this special course “Fantastic Fall Sales”

This course is designed to take you where no one has taken you before

This course is designed to take you where no one has taken you before, (a little Star Trek humor there) and I’ll not only help you with getting bookings back on your calendar, you’ll discover some cool ways to get your guests to purchase more so you have higher party sales and more money in your bank account!

During this course you will discover:

    • How to create your goals and set yourself up for success this fall
    • Some simple scripts for making your booking calls
    • Neat ways to involve your party guests to increase your party bookings
    • Tons of holiday ideas for increasing sales including special holiday shopping lists to use at your parties
    • The importance of point-of-purchase add-ons and how to use them
    • Several ways to get more guests in attendance (more guests mean higher sales)
    • Plus lots more

This course is complete with everything you need to get BIG Results! The only thing you need to do is implement what you learn and your business will be a running like a well-oiled machine.

This Online Course Includes:

    • Video training modules
    • Course MP3s
    • Neat ways to involve your party guests to increase your party bookings
    • Course transcripts
    • Phone Calling Scripts
    • Handouts (including lots of ways to encourage holiday shopping)
    • You get all this for only $67
    • This Course is ready for instatnt access.
      Oh, did I forget to mention that unlike many other online programs you’ll have unlimited access to this course (no expiration date)

Now all you have to do is invest $67 and you’ll receive access to the entire course so you too can have “Fantastic Fall Sales”!

Are YOU READY??? Just Click one of the the buttons below to start your journey to having “fantastic fall sales” which means lots of cash for YOU!!!

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Here’s to your Success!

Karen Phelps
Direct Selling Expert