Fueling the Fast Start in Direct Sales, MLM and Network Marketing

Fueling the Fast Start in Direct Sales, MLM and Network Marketing
woman_successWant to know the most important time in a new consultants business? It’s the first week of course, but really it’s the first 72 hours that are crucial to success. It’s been said that by the 3’rd day many of the people who have joined a direct selling company have “mentally checked out” before they have even begun! YIKES! Scary news for those who are signing new people and hoping they will set the world on fire!
If you are a leader or as they say in Texas “fixin’ to be a leader” then what you do with your new consultant in the first 72 hours can have a dramatic effect on whether or not they do anything in the business. You are responsible for helping them get off to a really great start! Here’s a few helpful hints that can get your new starts on track so they sell more, earn more and meet their qualifications.

Step #1 – At Sign Up

  1. Complete the sign-up together and help make decision for any add-on items that will be needed right away.
  2. Review website with them to insure they know where to go for training, document downloads and additional information they will need.
  3. Set date for business launch and begin creating list of people to invite to launch as well as those who would be good candidates for hosting a party or beginning their own business. ALWAYS ask the new consultant for business referrals immediately to encourage her to begin building a team of her own and working on a raise in pay. Review Facebook, phone, address book and use a memory jogger to begin creating a list.

Step #2 – (In first 48 hours)

  1. Help define business goals and goals for the income that will come from their business. Help new consultant define their “WHY” so you know what they will be saying when they present the business opportunity. Decide how much weekly income they would like from parties and how many parties will be needed each week to meet the income goal.
  2. Create a customized calendar with a list of personal & family activities, business meetings and possible dates for parties during the next 60 days. Make sure there are enough open dates each week to accommodate parties needed to meet the weekly income goal.
  3. Teach them to get excited and start inviting! Provide with the new consultant phone script (part of the Lead by Design and Leadership Blueprint Courses) and have them list the top 8 people they would love to have host their first parties. Ask, “Who would you feel most comfortable hosting your first parties with and why?” will usually get them thinking of people they are really close to and good candidates for helping the consultant begin her new business. If your new consultant is nervous about making the first calls you could make a few calls right then while she listens to get a few party dates set. Once she hears how easy it is she’ll feel more comfortable making the next calls.

Step #3 (When their kit arrives)

  1. If they live close you can have her bring kit over and you review contents with her. If long distance have her open the kit pull out paperwork items one at a time and review each with her. If time allows you may also do this with demonstration items if not, remind her to review each items description in the catalog.
  2. Make sure she is prepared for her first solo presentation. Items marked if possible, catalogs and business materials have name, phone number, email and website on them, hostess packs prepared, sponsoring game and booking game prepared and ready for use at party.
  3. Review presentation outline with her so she knows what order to present opportunity, host and customer specials, booking seeds and booking game.

Step #4 (After the First Presentation)

  1. Meet in person or on the phone to review how to submit the order to the company.
  2. Review how the party went (sales, attendees, bookings and recruit leads.) You should continue to do this after each party for the first 6 weeks in the business.
  3. Use 3-way call to talk to any business opportunity leads and set up interview appointment immediately to help new consultant get her first recruits.

Using these steps with each of your new consultants and teaching them to duplicate the process with their recruits will help you insure that more of your consultants not only reach your company’s Fast Start but really get started on the path to success in direct selling! Remember, keep it simple and teach them to get going immediately.
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Here’s to your Success
Karen Phelps, The Leading Authority in Direct Selling