In Pursuit of Excellence

in-pursuit-of-excellenceI’m one of those crazy people who USED to procrastinate because I wanted everything to be PERFECT!

Not anymore!

Well, I still procrastinate but not for the same reason. I no longer worry about being perfect! Over 20 years ago I discovered a motto I still live by today! “DONE is BETTER than Perfect!” If you keep waiting for perfection you’ll be sitting on the sidelines only half participating in life. People will pass you by because they are running, while you are just strolling waiting for the perfect time to exert extra effort! Here are a few tips I’ve learned over the years that have helped me have the success I WANT and DESERVE!

1. “DONE is BETTER than Perfect!” What have you put off because you wanted everything to be just right! There is NO PERFECT TIME TO START A BUSINESS! The time to begin is NOW! You cannot study perfection! All you can do is keep doing what must be done, learning and implementing new skills, making alterations and improvements until everything gets better with time.

2. NOTHING will get better until YOU GET BETTER. You have to work on yourself first! If you don’t know how to do something correctly it’s time you learned! Insanity is doing the same things that DON’T WORK over and over again and expecting different results. If what you are doing doesn’t work LEARN from someone who has been where you want to go.

3. Improve Your Head Game! You’ll never be a millionaire if you don’t see yourself as a millionaire first. The negative things you tell yourself on a daily basis (automatic negative thoughts) play a big part in your success. You must begin NOW programming your brain for success! Begin to consciously replace negative thoughts with positive ones and watch your business and your life soar. Ex:Negative – “It’s so hard to get bookings.” Positive – “I’m amazed how easy it is to book and hold 3 successful parties every week.”

4. Dump the Negative People In Your Life. You read it right! If the majority of people you hang around with are negative you’ll have a hard time staying upbeat and positive. Do everything you can to remove as many negative people as you can from your life or limit the amount of time you spend with them.

5. Do More Income Producing Activities. 20% of What You Do accounts for 80% of your results. It’s time you started doing what will actually give you the results you are looking for. Stop doing activities that aren’t income producing! Keep track of everything you do every 1/2 hour of the day for 7 days and then review the list to see how many of these things actually put you closer to your goals. Focus on doing more of those things the following week and you’ll begin noticing an increase in your results. All distractions need to go!

6. Know Your WHY. When your WHY Is strong enough you’ll figure out how! Take time to write down what you really want your life to be like next year. WHY do you want it? What will happen if your goals become a reality? How will you feel?

7. You can Never Stop Learning. Those who want to stay ahead of their competition will always keep learning. People who invest in themselves and their business BELIEVE they will be successful. I’ve never been afraid to invest in my education. Even though I don’t have a college degree I have made a very good income over the years. I’ve learned what I need to know from people who know how to make money. When I come across a product that I know can help me or my business I get it. Not investing in myself is like telling my subconscious, “who are you fooling, you can’t make money doing this?” I don’t let negative thoughts influence me when making buying decisions. If you BELIEVE you will succeed you’ll make decisions with an abundance mentality rather than a lack mentality.

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Here’s to your Success
Karen Phelps, The Leading Authority in Direct Selling