Lead By Design (Sponsoring and Team Building Strategies That Work ~ Webinar Replay)

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**This is an online course. All the content will be accessed in the members area.**

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  • Do you know what your “consultant ratio” is?
  • Do you know how much the average recruit on your team sells in her first 30, 60, or 90 days?
  • Do you know how long it takes for the average consultant on your team to elevate to the first leadership level in your company’s compensation plan?
  • Do you find yourself at a loss as to what to do if “too many” consultants sign up all at once?
  • Do your long distance recruits fall into a black hole soon after they are signed?

[font family=”helvetica” size=”20″ color=”1881A1″ textshadow=”0″ alignment=”center” weight=”normal” style=”normal” lineheight=”110″] These are just some of the dilemmas that face direct selling leaders and it’s not going to get any better UNLESS you learn what distinguishes “great leaders” from “mediocre leaders”, discover the formula they use to help MORE OF THEIR TEAM SUCCEED and you start doing them too! [/font]

I believe “some people succeed because of their leader and some people succeed in spite of their leader!” Sad, but true, many well-meaning direct selling leaders arrive at a new compensation level and are thrown into new activities with little or no training AND it doesn’t have to be that way.

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  • What if from the moment you signed your very first recruit you started implementing some techniques that would help your new recruit outsell the average company recruit in her first 30 days?
  • What if you knew the truth about why some succeed in direct selling while others (in spite of all your good intentions) will never find success?
  • What if you had a success plan that when followed helps YOU and YOUR TEAM MEMBERS sponsor more team members?


The “Lead by Design” Online Course is designed to help frustrated direct selling leaders get better results by implementing a simple formula that WORKS! And it is so foolproof you don’t have to be in the business for 5, 10 or more years to know what you are doing! In fact, this formula is so easy to implement that it will get overlooked by many because it just isn’t complicated enough. I mean, there are lots of direct selling gurus out there who believe in complicating the “direct selling success formula” so much because they don’t want anyone to know how easy it really is!!!

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Well, lucky for you I LOVE SIMPLE! I LOVE EASY! I love un-complicating the complicated systems that others create to show you a clear path to fast results. This program is for EVERYONE who wants to sponsor more people and help them succeed!



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[font family=”impact,chicago” size=”42″ color=”647291″ textshadow=”1″ alignment=”center” weight=”normal” style=”normal” lineheight=”120″]During this 4 Week Course these are just a few of the thing you will learn: [/font]

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  • The sponsoring mindset you need to have to attract and sort through the many leads you’ll be attracting from your parties.
  • A Step-by-Step Interview Process (including a role-playing video) to demonstrate how to talk to your prospect, get a Yes or No about joining, sign her up and order her kit! (JFYI – Maybe’s are NO’s waiting to happen.)
  • Five action steps every newly signed recruit needs to do within 5 days of signing up to insure she doesn’t end up in the “Valley of Death.”
  • The ins and outs of live and virtual new consultant trainings covering the basic “must-knows” for every new consultant to dramatically increase her sales right out of the gate! More sales = more income for her PLUS more over-ride for YOU!
  • 12 mentoring questions that will help your new recruit improve her performance and her results, party after party.
  • Discover how and when to move new consultants into a team “future leader” program so they don’t become stagnant in the business.
  • Plus lots more!

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  • Each week you will receive access to a new audio file (or video file depending on the class) and handouts which will be discussed during the presentation . You will also have an assignment to do each week to keep you on track.



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  • Complete Access to the Course. You bought it, you own it! After the content is posted, Log in anytime you want to access it!
  • Complete Access to handouts and forms used for the lessons
  • Weekly Action Steps to help keep you on track

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  • Same features as Option One
  • Bonus One – Transcripts of each course. (value $200)
  • Bonus Two – $200 off registration to Karen’s October 2013 Leadership Bootcamp (value $200)


Here’s to your Success!


Karen Phelps
Direct Selling Expert