Never Run Out Of Bookings

How many times have you sat at home watching the television when you were supposed to be out holding a party? Well that is if you had one! Were you watching the stars of “American Idol” pursue their dreams instead of working on reaching your dream? Karen has helped more people take control of their calendar . She not only helps you to schedule parties when YOU want to work, she’ll give you so many ideas on how to get the bookings that if you implemented them all you would have to sponsor new people into the business because you could not do all the parties by yourself! She also is a master at showing you how to have more people in attendance at your parties. Booking Parties is Easy when you know how! If your schedule and your paycheck is anemic and you are ready for some help you’ll want to learn all there is to know about bookings it’s time for the “Never Run Out of Bookings” Special Package from Direct Selling Expert Karen Phelps!

Direct Selling by holding home parties is a fast and easy way to build your business. Now you can learn fun and simple techniques that have been proven to be successful. The “party is in you” and it will be unleashed when you incorporate these “entertaining and interactive ideas” into your parties!

“Never before have I ever been taught a system that works time and time again. And not only for myself but for every team member I teach it to or who borrows my set. The Envelope game for Bookings and Sponsoring game from The “It’s a Party out There” program WORK! I’ve had issues before in the past with getting (and keeping) bookings and my uplines have wanted me to just “tap into my reasons for doing Direct Sales & that will keep me focused on bookings” – That’s all & great and I do believe in that – however – it’s SO REFRESHING to actually be offered an idea or a technique that WORKS time and time again!” Jeri Curtiss, Lia Sophia

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Clearance Price $20 – DVD sold out!

Here’s to your Success!

Karen Phelps Direct Selling Expert