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The Blueprint For Success & Prosperity Program Blueprint for Mastering Direct Selling Leadership Product & Course
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Change your Mindset to Change Your Reality Ultimate Success Bundle Increase Your Party Attendance Goal Getting
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Hostess Coaching It’s A Party Out There! It’s A Party Out There! Overcoming Objections
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It’s A Party out there – Action Guide 1 Action Guide
Finally…an “ActionGuide” that let’s you work in it and still have blank copies of the forms for your future use.

  • Also includes written scripts and game questions.

“Karen, You’ve done it again! First of all, thank you for coming to Denver. Yes, I saw you last fall and learned all the tricks, but didn’t use them until recently. SHAME ON ME!!! I, along with a team member, both got a new recruit the FIRST time playing the sponsoring game. You were in Denver May 16th. I had a starter show for my sponsoring game recruit. I decided I was going to train her the Karen Phelps way. She had her open date card ready, and I played the envelope game for the first time. She had 20 people come to her show. We ended up with 7 (YES! SEVEN!!!) bookings and 3 others who will be choosing a date! WOWZA!! CAN YOU SAY 10? YEEE-AH! Now, my butt is completely sore. Yes! I’ve been kicking myself so hard for not taking your simple advice last fall. What a disservice to my other team members. What more can I say…..THANKS!! You’re AMAZING!!!” Bethany Utke, Lia Sophia



I am the greatest – Book 1 Book
50 Ways to Ignite Your Passion, Power and Purpose to Get more out of business and life!

Everyone wants to be “Great” and yet many fall into the “mediocrity trap.” This book provides you with simple, easy to implement tips to get you “out of the rut” and back into winning in everything you do! Whether you are young of old, corporate exec, teacher, student, employee or entrepreneur or anything in between, you can be “the Greatest” at anything you do!

This book is designed with 50 one page action steps to get you back on track and out of the mediocrity rut! Makes a great gift for all your employees, sales team, staff and loved ones!