Put the Fun Back into the “Fundamentals of Selling”

In this day and age everyone wants to be on the fast track! Salespeople often look for and take every short cut possible in order to reach their goals and objectives, often cutting corners or burning bridges that sooner or later will have to be dealt with. It seems like with over 30 successful years in sales and teaching sales I would have learned EVERYTHING by now but truth is I have invested in 5 sales books and 1 sales course this year that are opening my eyes to what’s happening in the sales arena. Here are a few things I have gleaned from my studies so far! From Jeffrey Gitomer’s “Little Red Book of Selling”

  • People don’t like to be sold, but they love to buy. “Your job as a master salesman is to create an atmosphere where people want to buy!
  • Study and implement an application . It’s no secret that those who become GREAT at selling apply and implement techniques they have learned. Anything you learn is useless unless you apply it!
  • Don’t WHINE if it doesn’t work right the first time . Basic selling principles WORK time after time but they don’t work EVERY time. Get over it!
  • Hang around with the right people . Hang around with successful people. Get as far away from the Whiners as possible.
  • Ask questions, but make sure they are smart questions not dumb ones . Instead of asking, “what type of skin care do you us?” you could ask, “What is the one thing you would improve about your skin care?” Let them tell you why the product they are using is lacking. 🙂

Okay so I’ve given you a few tips from Jeffrey’s book now here are a few from Joseph Sugarman’s Book – “Triggers – 30 Sales Tools you can use to control the mind of your prospect to motivate, influence and Persuade.

  • Have Consistency . Do the “right things” over and over again to persuade your prospect to buy!
  • Tell Stories – Truth is stories sell. You can demonstrate and show a product or you can tell a story about a product. Whichever you choose to do the STORY wins every time!
  • Keep it Simple . The more complicated you make your presentation, pricing, special offer, etc. the less likely someone is to act. This is true when doing parties. Sometimes guests are in a state of overwhelm because there is TOO MUCH ON DISPLAY and they can’t make up their mind!
  • Have a sense of Urgency . “Susie, My dates are going fast and I wanted to give you first chance to share the new catalog with your friends, before I call the others in your circle.” (works great for re-booking hostesses)
  • Create the Desire to Belong . Take a look at the I-phone and the I-pad. People go nuts because they want to identify with the group who has all the latest gadgets. Create your own clubs that people can belong to!
  • Invest in Yourself . People who invest in themselves and their business BELIEVE they will be successful. When I come across a product that I know can help me or my business I get it. Not investing in myself is like telling my subconscious, “who are you fooling, you can’t make money doing this?” I learned from Jim Rohn to work harder on myself than I do on my business so I don’t let negative thoughts influence me when making buying decisions. If you BELIEVE you will succeed you’ll make decisions with an abundance mentality rather than a lack mentality.

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Here’s to your Success
Karen Phelps, The Leading Authority in Direct Selling