Eliminate Information Overload

busy woman1I attend many 3 – 4 day training events and my brain is always on information-overload when I return home! Has this ever happened to you? Have you attended an event and you listen, take notes and then come home on overload and put the notes away and never get around to making any changes in your life or business? Well, I have to confess that as good as I am at taking control, I often find myself out-of-control after seminars and training because I didn’t take the time to  create an action plan with a FEW STEPS I COULD TAKE IMMEDIATELY!

These trainings are quite an investment on my part ranging from $1000 t0 $3000 registration fee so I know I want to get everything I can out of each event! Here are five secrets I use during and after events to get results?

1. I write my notes in the meeting binder so they will be in one place for review instead of writing on my own legal pad and then wondering where I put it! 🙂 Actually had quite a few fill-in-the-blank handouts so it just made sense instead of re-writing everything which I am often inclined to do!

2. Take my “yearly notebook” where I have all my notes for the year as well as goals and list of things to do each week with me to the event. At the end of each day I reviewed my notes and created a list of things that I had to do “this week” and checked to see what needed to put on the list. In other words, anything that was a “must do right away item.”

3. Keep my meeting binder and notebook with me in my carry-on traveling home and re-read ALL MY NOTES from the training! This is very important because 95% of the information we hear is lost within 48 hours ! During the review process I look for more items that need to be added to my “must do this week” list.

4. Numbered my “must do list”  in order of importance and make sure there are 7 or less things on the list which gives me a much better chance of ACTUALLY GETTING THEM DONE!

5. Start doing the things on my list the very next day! DON’T WAIT! The longer you wait the less likely you are to implement what you learned. I’ve discovered over the years the fastest way to success is to implement what you learned immediately into your business. Don’t wait to do it perfectly just get it done!

Here’s to your Success
Karen Phelps, The Leading Authority in Direct Selling