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“Karen Phelps is amazing! Her realistic yet highly motivating approach to direct sales allows anyone that applies her principles to achieve great success! Gold Canyon has invited Karen to speak at many of our events over the past few years, from regional meetings to our annual Convention, and our Demonstrators learn great skills through her no-nonsense approach.”
Karen Waisath, Co-Founder, Gold Canyon®
“I would climb any mountain and go through any glitch just to hear you train ! ! ! You are phenomenal! ! ! !” Ann Putnam

“Two night’s hotel room for Home and Garden Party Convention- $352.56, Over-eating for three days straight- $185.48, Training with Karen Phelps- PRICELESS”
Loretta Reese, Diamond Designer, Home & Garden Party

“Karen Phelps was exactly what my organization needed. From the moment she took the stage, she dazzled my sales force with an abundance of tried and true techniques. Her frank and honest commentary was the kick in the pants that everyone needed to get their businesses into high gear. My sales force described her as “a cool aunt who tells you just like it is – because she KNOWS from experience”. I watched from the sidelines as the women in attendance took non-stop notes because every idea was that good! If you are looking for someone to inspire your sales force to get to work, look no further than Karen Phelps!”
Jennifer Jolicoeur – owner/founder Athena’s Home Novelties, Inc.

“Hi Karen, I wanted to take a minute to write a note to you. ..As I mentioned when you were here in Fresno, Ca for our Gold Canyon sponsored – Karen Phelps “Rockin’ on the Road to Results Tour”; this is a note I have intended to write for some time, and I am so sorry it has taken me so long to do so.
Thank YOU!! I am so grateful that I was one of the 12 Leaders Gold Canyon chose to join in with you on the 12 week training calls in April 2006! And then, what a special bonus . . .. .you were there for our Convention that same year!
Karen Your Insights, Leadership Skills, Training and the Passion you share are just what I needed! You taught me the skills necessary to become the Leader I am today with Gold Canyon!! But most importantly you opened my Heart to a role I truly believe I was born for!
What I have found that I love most about being a leader; is having the opportunity to experience the excitement from my demo’s when they achieve their goals! Offering challenges that promote personal growth in their business or supporting their personal goals for leadership and then having the opportunity to celebrate in their success is the most incredible “high” for me!!!
I love working a business that empowers women to achieve the success they want and the opportunity to become the women they are meant to be!
Karen Phelps you are the Leader that opened my Heart, Spirit and Mind to what Gold Canyon and Direct Sales has to offer!
In October 2006 I achieved the Level of Director with Gold Canyon! July 2007-June 2008 has been an amazing year of Leadership growth within our team! The possibilities are truly endless! I look forward to seeing you soon!
P. S. I have been asked to present to Managers and above for one of our workshops at convention. ..

Topic: Being a Dynamic Leader – I Can’t Wait!!! :)


Jennie Feliz, Director, Gold Canyon® – “The World’s Finest”®

“Thank you for the outstanding presentation. You demonstrated such self-confidence and your group participation was great. I have over 43 years of Military service, attended lots of motivational classes and listened to numerous speakers in War College, but none of them displayed so much enthusiasm, joy and confidence as we witnessed in you. I would personally recommend you to speak to any professional group.”
Howard Becker, LT. Governor Division 16, Michigan District of Kiwanis International.

“Body Wise now has two “Karen Events” under it’s belt and the results have been outstanding. Laughter, de-linking from old behavior models, learning new skills and participating in real championship party practices has shown us all we can do it-whatever it is. I have participated with motivational gurus for over 30 years and you are among the best for crystal-clear communications, clean humor and measurable results. Your take-away messages are strong. We look forward to having you join us for another “Karen fix” soon!” Tom Tierney, CEO BodyWise International

“Thanks for the great seminar! Throughout the years we’ve had various speakers conduct seminars and workshops for our leaders and consultants and without question your seminar has been the best!” Lind Kaminski, Founder/President, L’Bri Pure n’ Natural

“I believe strongly in the speed of the leader is the speed of the team and don’t ask someone to do something you aren’t willing to do yourself. You’ve been there, done that and it showed in your training.
John Kiple, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Office, Home and Garden Party Company

“Thank you for the wonderful workshop you facilitated at our annual Regional Conference. The workshop was upbeat, and you delivered a first class motivating presentation on how we have to look into ourselves to be able to deliver the kind of service our customers deserve and command. For your information, the surveys filled out by the attendees rated your session in the excellent category.
Paula Davis, CASS, President, EIA Michigan chapter

“Karen Phelps did an excellent Phone Sales Training for our organization. She displays a radiating personality and her presentation would be beneficial to any company that uses the phone as their primary sales tool.
Keri Campbell, Operations Manager, Rainbow Child Development Center

“I can’t tell you how excited I am about the positive impact you have made on my team and in our company. We have struggled with the basics of party plan, host coaching, bookings, etc. Since Nashville, your training has been the buzz! The results they are getting implementing your ideas are phenomenal! You put the ‘fun’ back in the business where it belongs!”
Donna Johnson, Executive National Vice President, Arbonne International

“I’ve been in Direct Sales for many years and have had many speakers and meetings. I judge a meeting by how much they actually use the material that is given. I have to say that more of my people are using the material you presented than any other speaker we have had come in. We keep using the information you presented in some fashion at every meeting…I call that success. Not only was the material great but everyone could relate to you so well. They loved your straightforward approach. Material can be good but it also has to be presented well! They could identify with you.” Sherrill Funk, Diamond Infinity Designer, Home and Garden Party

“I believe Karen is so effective in communicating with her audiences because she has walked the talk. Karen is one of the most goal oriented and goal achieving individuals I have ever known.”
Novice Nicholson, former Executive Vice President Colesce Couture Int.

“I appreciate Karen’s style of communication. She clearly communicates her information with precision, passion and humor. Her training, when applied, has a positive effect on an individuals performance.”
Debbie Beyer, Director, Body Shop at Home

“I would like to commend you for presenting a very informative and enjoyable presentation, Life is a Balancing Act – How to Live Your Life to the Fullest and Still Maintain Balance. I found the experience to be educational as well as uplifting! Congratulations on a job well done!”
Rosemary Gallardo, President Greater Pontiac Area Chamber of Commerce

“I could listen to you all day. Loved the tape you did too!”
Cindy Miller, Area Manager, Arbonne International

“I used the envelope game and a lighter attitude at my first show getting
back from NTC.  We had so much fun, we kept laughing and I got 3 bookings
from 5 people! Thanks!” Pam Farris, Arbonne International

“I love how Karen is so frank, realistic, and teaches practical realistic ‘business’ practices. I am passionate about treating this as a ‘business’ and appreciate her sharing incredible simple verbiage that produces results.”
Becky Spieth, Diamond Infinity Designer, Home and Garden Party