Secrets to Summer Scheduling (2013 Webinar Registration)

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Thursday, May 9’th at  8:00 p.m. Eastern, 7:00 p.m. Central, 6:00 p.m. Mountain, 5:00 p.m. Pacific
for the 9’th Annual Secrets to summer scheduling webinar

It’s that time of the year again! Between your excuses and your potential host’s excuses you’ll be lucky to do one-tenth of the amount of bookings you want for June, July and August!

I know because for over 20 years I implemented some highly unusual techniques and verbiage to encourage people to host summer parties. In fact one year when my husband Larry was on strike with GM for 13 weeks and he was only bringing in $100 per week strike pay, I had some of my largest sales months! I discovered certain offers that work well during the summer. I also discovered what you needed to say and HOW you needed to say it that would increase your “YES” response dramatically!

So, here’s the deal! I’m going to present this webinar and I’m going to have a handout to make it easy for you to follow along! THIS CALL WILL BE 90 MINUTES LONG AND YOU WILL WANT TO STAY ON UNTIL THE END AS I WILL REVEAL MY “Secret Weapon” that helped me stay Booked solid all summer long!

So, are you serious enough about making lots of money this summer to “reserve 90 minutes” of your precious time for some serious money making tips and strategies?

You’ll learn things from me that most direct selling trainers won’t tell you because they never actually held 3 -4 parties every week for over 20 years! I did and I’ll prove to you that YOU CAN DO THE SAME THING TOO because lots of direct sellers are using these same techniques they have learned and their calendars are FILLED WITH BOOKINGS! All it takes is knowing what to say and what to offer whether making calls or booking at your parties.

You’ll get the information you want but only if you are one of the first to join me on the webinar. Don’t make the mistake of waiting to register as the registration will be cut off once the seats fill up and THIS CALL HAS FILLED UP IN THE PAST AND LATE CALLERS COULDN’T GET ON THE CALL!

I love “Summer Parties” because there are so many cool ways to entice your hostess to have a party she and her friends will enjoy and you’ll make lots of profit from.

Learn how to:

[list style=”Check2blue”]

  • Control your calendar all summer long
  • Make your offer so irresistable no one can refuse
  • New information I discovered on how to position your offer using simple persuasive language
  • Use theme parties to encourage bookings
  • My “secret weapon” for getting at least 12 parties every month all summer long!
  • Plus much more…[/list]

But hurry and register because SPACE IS LIMITED!

You can share this information with your down-line, up-line and your company but anyone who wants to call in must register! So, hurry and sign up now and grab your spot!