Ultimate Success Bundle

“Ever Feel Like You Are Driving Down the Road to NOWHERE in YOUR Direct Selling Business?”

Why did you join your direct selling company?

Most people join direct selling to increase their monthly income so they can improve their lifestyle! Are you wanting to pay off some credit cards, send your children to private school, college or university, take a family vacation and stay in a nice resort, or just set some cash aside for retirement? Whatever your reason for having a direct selling business, you want a road map that provides you with the quickest access to substantial monthly income while avoiding the unnecessary detours!

Whether you are new in direct selling, re-starting your business or wanting to build more momentum you’ll discover how to jump-start your business to get instant rewards! You’ll learn the importance of knowing where you want to be one month, one year or five years from now in your business! But more importantly, you’ll also have the step-by-step system so you know what to do to get to your next destination!

Want to be a “Super-Seller” with your company? The It’s a Party Out There Program along with Build Your Bookings, Hostess Coaching and Increase Your Party Attendance provide you with the secrets to becoming a “Fantastic Booker!” You’ll not only have more parties on your calendar you’ll know how to get them to stick and have lots of guests in attendance so you have more sales, bookings and income from each and every party.

Want to know the single most important thing you can do to grow your direct selling business? I’ll help you unravel the mystery of sponsoring so you can easily attract people just like yourself who are looking for extra income to improve their family’s lifestyle! Good News! You won’t just learn how to sponsor, you’ll also discover the secret to building your team so you can multiply your earnings! The Sponsoring Game in the It’s a Party Out There Program, along with Spontaneous Sponsoring and Master the Mechanics Audio programs provide the 3, 2, 1 Blastoff…needed to sign, launch and mentor new consultants to success!Successful consultants means more team sales and bigger bonus checks for you!


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The Ultimate Success Bundle

Lowest Price of Ever!

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Whats Stopping You from Exploding Your Business This Year?


  • Does your booking calendar look empty?
  • Are you continually leaving your parties with no leads?
  • Do your new consultants struggle to get their business off the ground?
  • Do you continually ask yourself “what can I do to improve my business?


If you answered “YES” to one or more of these questions imagine how much easier and more rewarding your business would be if you had a road map to get you from where you are to where you want to be, without getting lost along the way!

If you are tired of not getting the results you want from your Direct Selling business it’s time to invest in YOU and your success.

This package includes all of materials you will need to begin or RENEW your business . Let Karen help you “Build your Bookings” and “Increase Your Party Attendance” with simple techniques that are easy to implement immediately. Continue your training with her infamous “It’s a Party Out There – Keeping the Fun and Profit in Direct Selling” package. Let Karen show you simple ways to keep your parties fun, your guests engaged and your business booming . Develop your leadership skills with “Master the Mechanics of Mentoring – How to Help Others Succeed in Direct Selling” and learn the strategies that propelled Karen to leadership success.


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“After changing to your Direct Selling approach I have increased my party average by over $200 and I am now averaging between 2 and 4 bookings per party which are ALL holding. I trained my first new recruit with your Open Date method and she has had great success! I just wanted to say THANK YOU! I have benefited so much from this investment and in reality the earnings from my first party paid for the Ultimate Success Bundle.” Cindy Childs, SLAH




How Much Is Your Success Worth?

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  • 1. “It’s a Party Out There – Keeping the Fun and Profit in Direct Selling” DVD
  • 2. “It’s a Party Out There” Audio CD
  • 3. “It’s a Party Out There” Workbook
  • 4. “Master the Mechanics of Mentoring” 4-CD Audio Program
  • 5. “Build Your Bookings” Audio CD
  • 6. “Increase Your Party Attendance” Audio CD
  • 7. “Overcoming Objections” Audio CD
  • 8. “Spontaneous Sponsoring” Audio CD
  • 9. “Conversations on Success” Book
  • 10. “Goal Getting” Audio CD
  • 11. “Hostess Coaching” Audio CD



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Here’s to your Success!

Karen Phelps

Direct Selling Expert