Develop Your Persuasion and Selling Skills to Increase Sales & Bookings

stockmarket - CopyHow would you like to have an abundance of people saying YES to you and your offers? Would it be worthwhile for you if you could have more people say YES to booking a party? What would happen if more guests purchased at every party? It’s not as hard to get people to say YES as you might think and actually you probably already know several ways to do so BUT you may not be implementing what you know or you might be missing one element that makes your presentation less effective.

I’ve been avidly studying and practicing persuasion and sales techniques for thirty years. I have sales programs and books from Zig Ziglar, Tom Hopkins, Dan Kennedy, and numerous others and I have to confess even though what I hear or read is often a repetition there are also some BIG AH-HA moments when I read something or hear something and I think to myself, WOW, where has this idea been all my life! Now, you may be thinking to yourself, I know everything I need to know but when you really understand ALL OF LIFE IS A SALES TRANSACTION you might want to study to get things right. That’s right, whether you are trying to get your spouse to take out the garbage, or encouraging your kids to do their homework, or selling a tangible product for commission YOU ARE ATTEMPTING TO INFLUENCE SOMEONE TO ACCEPT YOUR IDEA which is nothing less than a SALES TRANSACTION! So are there some simple things you can do to get a better response? Absolutely! Here’s a few suggestions!

1. Clear Up Confusion in your prospects mind. When people are confused they seldom act and yet there are many times sales professionals have done this to a potential customer and then wonder why they didn’t get the sale, booking or signed agreement! On a recent call with a Gold Plus member we discovered that she is skeptical at first, doesn’t like deadlines and wants convenience and some type of guarantee before she makes a decision to invest in a product. This is valuable information for someone who is trying to sell her something to know and it will be difficult to close this person if you haven’t addressed these concerns. Before attempting to close someone like this you need to make sure she trusts you and the product and that you’ll do everything you can to simplify the process while at the same time reminding her that although she is free to make her decision at any time there are a few additional benefits if she acts soon. Most sales people DON’T ASK ENOUGH QUESTIONS to get to the RIGHT CLOSING QUESTION for each individual. It’s a process that can be developed over time.

2. Use Social Proof in your presentation. Even though we like to think it doesn’t matter to us what our neighbors are doing the truth is…it does! The phrase, keeping up with the Joneses hasn’t gone by the wayside and people buy what others buy. Ever noticed what happens at Christmas when all the kids want the same toy and parents are frantically searching for it to no avail??? You can implement social proof in a couple ways. First, you can browse through current magazines and find things that are similar to what your company carries and talk about them or show them at your parties. It validates your company’s knowledge of what’s current and happening now. Second, make sure to say things like, “this is one of our most popular items and our customers are raving about the compliments they have received on this item.” Do you know anyone that doesn’t like to get compliments??? They’ll do anything and purchase anything to get a compliment!

3. Smile. Several studies have been done on the importance of smiling and customer satisfaction and the more authentic your smile the more likely someone is to take action and BE Satisfied with their decision! I’m constantly telling consultants to “lighten up” at their parties. Have fun, smile and people will look for ways to stay connected to you like booking a party or becoming a consultant. No one likes to be around someone who is GRUMPY and frowning all the time but most people will go out of their way to be with someone who is HAPPY and smiling. Who knows, the smile you force yourself to put on today could easily come to your face tomorrow after the additional sales and bookings at tonight’s party. Smile…all the way to the bank!

These are just a few of the many factors you can include when making any type of presentation. There are hundreds more effective strategies for getting people to say YES to your offer.

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